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03-09-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Indeed, but that wasn't really my point.

It's just furthur evidence that Sutter/Lombardi/Murray hockey stifles offensive development of players. Custance spoke at length with Johnson, and said the JJ didn't think his talents were being utilized by LA and the shceme used here. It hurts to hear that.
the point isn't to develop offensive players, it's to win games. DL believes playing a defensive structure is the only way to get to the stanley cup.

Look, it's going to be easy to retort, "well, a lot good that's doing, blah blah". But, this season is a considered a small cog in the grand scheme. This season didn't turn up well, but look at our core player's contracts. Compare that to any other team on cap geek. This is one year, DL's goal is to build an elite team.

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