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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm not sure the Habs were shopping Plekanec this year. I actually doubt they were.

Moving forward however, it depends on their vision of what needs to happen.
If they don't mind risking another poor year, then I could see them trade off Plekanec, maybe even at the draft, or at least for a 1st rounder next year if not a top end prospect+. But that would mean going into next year, with two centers that are still a little bit unproven.

I don't have much doubt that Eller will become as good as Plekanec, if not better. He's improved his defensive game tremendously since his first days here. He will keep getting stronger, and as seen with AK, if given top 6 talent on his wings, he can create very nice things.

As for DD, I wished our dumb coach would have tried different line combos, because we really have not seen DD with anybody outside MaxPac and Cole. I'm grabbing on to the fact he was good in last year's playoffs with Gomez and Gionta, but I would have preferred to see more line combos with him this year.

I don't think Grigs or Gal should make the team next year as centers. So if they do, I don't expect us to be all that competitive, unless DD and Eller both have impressive years.

If the plan is to compete next year however, then I don't see Plekanec get traded unless we package him for a better player. But I think that's unlikely.
I could see us keep him, with DD and Eller, and put Grigs or Gal on the wing of the third line.

It's a little difficult to know though without truly knowing what direction Molson will take. If he does fire Gauthier, then who will replace him and what will his vision be.

In any event, with the emergence of DD and Eller slowly happening, I think we should at least explore the option of trading Plekanec because he would attract a lot of attention imo.
I'm not sure I agree trading Plekanec means the Habs won't be competitive...

They'll be a different team, doesn't mean they can't be successful...also, let's not forget, we're sitting in 15th today, things couldn't get any worse if you ask me

Again, I know this isn't a popular opinion but I would look at shopping Plekanec for a package of assets (NHL ready prospect(s) and/or draft picks)

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