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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
IMO the pricepoint offering most long-term value for beginner protective equipment is going to be the line one step above the very bottom. These are your One60 pants, X:30 shins, 5K/6K gloves, EQ30 elbows etc. They're definitely good enough to protect from collisions and falling while having enough protection and durability to last your entire beer league career. Odds are, provided that you take good care of your gear and they hold up, an adult beginner player will never need to replace this set.

Obviously for skates/helmets, fit is paramount.
Aireaye is the equipment guy around here and I'm pretty green still, but I'm gonna go ahead and agree with this in a big way.

When I got all new equipment this year I went one step up from the entry level in everything but my skates and helmet.

The only exception was my elbow pads - I bought the cheapest pair I could find, which were Eastons. My first fall, I hit my elbow and felt it in my funny bone. I replaced them with the EQ30 elbow pads and haven't felt a thing since.

You shouldn't skimp, but after a certain point you're not buying more protection, you're really buying more efficient protection (lighter, slightly better range of motion, more durable, etc.).

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