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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
So he has his share of points. He did better in POINTS that some expects yet was just as awful defensively as some thought he was. Now, for whoever keeps saying that he was pretty good so far, it DOES have to mean that he will get us a pretty good return when we are going to trade him, right? Right? Again, can't wait to see that trade happening. If not, keeping him and still pay him this amount of money when you have to re-sign your core players soon in Price, Subban and even MaxPac, is NOT what I call buying low. But hey, it is a start right? We are so used at losing trades then whenever we don't lose it on a player level, we feel like we didn't do a bad job?

Strangely, the Cammy-Bourque trade is seen around him as a not so bad trade based on the money we are saying per year.....yet, why can't we used the same argument for the Kaberle-Spacek deal? WE DO NOT NEED a player like Kaberle in our lineup. We need bigger players. And for every point Kaberle put in, I can tell you, RIGHT NOW, that if he'd be put in the same kind of situation or let's say he is not ready this year, NEXT YEAR, Emelin will be putting the same type of points....MINUS the stupid defensive mistakes. Emelin's offensive game is really underrated around here and for that management team. Yet, he'll show it next year and they'll have no choice but to use him accordingly.

So the Kaberle trade is NOT an awful deal. But it's a bad one based on his overall play and on the money he's making. But for every person who thinks I'm wrong, well I will be awaiting his trade and this great return we will have for a guy who has such great stats with us.....Another 1st round pick for us this year!!!
I really don't get what you are so upset about. Kaberle was bought low, for an expiring body in Spacek, and he has since helped our PP and has turned himself into an asset. It's win/win, and I truly am starting to think that anyone who thinks otherwise has some sort of agenda...

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