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11-14-2003, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeycrazed07
I've talked with a couple of Sharks fans who were at the game, and though I'm not a Sharks fan, I believe I speak for them, as well, when I say that we all respect what Mayers did after a great hit by Davison. Mayers stood up for a teammate, and did exactly what he should have done. It's a shame that he got the instigator, but that's how the rulebook is written, for good or bad.

Tkachuk, on the other hand, could have dropped his gloves and pounded Davison, for all I care. The fact that he used his stick instead of his fists is why he got suspended. He's a coward, and one that hides behind his stick. The elements around the incident are trivial. Fact of the matter is that Tkachuk used a piece of equipment, instead of using his body in a man-to-man confrontation (as did Mayers earlier in the game) to do the damage. That kind of thing can not be condoned by anybody.

Flame me all you want to. I felt it was neccessary to put my two cents in here, and I won't be back.

Have a great day!

I cant flame you for that because you are right Tkachuk has to learn to drop the gloves when he gets pissed. My whole problem was the people calling for 10 games. Allen Breaks a guys leg and gets 2, no way Tkachuk gets 10.

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