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02-06-2006, 05:45 PM
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With current coaching and management: pessimistic
With different coaching: guardedly optimistic
With different coaching and management: optimistic

My theory is that most here who pick "pessimist" (including me) aren't pessimists by nature; they're only pessimistic about the current state of the team. I think that pessimism derives from a "fool me twice, shame on me" mindset, in which a follower keeps a guarded stance so that he cannot be fooled once again. The pessimistic chimp will stop reaching for the banana after being shocked a few times; the optimistic chimp will let himself get shocked over and over and over again. Give the fans a change of direction--some indication that the sorry state of affairs doesn't repeat itself year after year--and you may find many more people willing to be optimistic once again.

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