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Originally Posted by LGB24 View Post
But they played well in Europe and in the first month of the season. Why didn't it affect them then? How come in magically started affecting their play a month or so in then just vanished at the all star break?
It would seem obvious why - when they began the season with 10-5 in the first 15 games or so, the prevailing logic was that the newcomers (Leino, Ehrhoff) needed time to "gel" and were given the benefit of the doubt for not getting off to great starts. However, by the 30 game mark, the losses started happening more often while the production / play of the new guys still wasn't contributing as was expected. It's possible too that Leino's reluctance to play center and asking the coach to put him on wing probably didn't help his cause in terms of gaining the respect of his new teammates.

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
It is possible that once the chips were down, when the injury crisis was growing to its ridiculous peak, that people in the 'room were having issues with payroll at that point. The Euro-trip was all sunshine and roses. It's not until Miller's truckin' and the injury plague that some things start to fray -- wouldn't surprise that money is one of 'em. Hope the guys have grown up a bit, since in the "real" world of NHL rosters, this is far more regular.
Very possible - especially when many of the underachievers that got big raises in the summer (Leino, Stafford, Ehrhoff) weren't the first ones to get injured and were thus being relied to help pick up the slack for the ones that were knocked out by injuries.

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
It's not the first place I've heard this sort of rumbling -- not the authoring, the salary thing. First time I've seen it in print though... Once things got "hard" some hard feelings came up.
I remember Elliotte Friedman bringing up the salary resentment issue on a HNIC broadcast last fall, as did EJ Hradek on NHL Live. I think Friedman implied he heard the rumblings from "someone close to the organization".

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