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Originally Posted by Joseppi View Post
Not sure what you mean by the empire will be pushovers forever
The biggest pushover was the emperor himself and you get to murder him for the last quest with the dark brotherhood. He was the reason the white gold concordat was signed in the first place.
Yeah, I do remember beheading him very grotesquely on his boat.

He was the reason the treaty was signed but part of the original treaty was giving up a portion of Hammerfell (where Redguards are from) to the Aldmeri Dominion. When Hammerfell basically said "**** off", the Empire declared us no longer an Imperial Territory and Hammerfell had to fight the Dominion itself and force them to sign another treaty (Second Treaty of Stros M'ka) which made them leave the province for good. The Empire basically stabbed us () in the back and now Hammerfell is an independent province. So in a way, you had enough precedent to know that the Empire was never going to do anything to upset the Aldmeri Supremacists.

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