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Originally Posted by Bauer Warrior View Post
And also, how can I talk about Hitchcock and why he would work for the Blues instead of the Islanders without talking about John Davidson, one of the best and most informed and respected hockey personalities of a generation?
What makes you so sure that Snow can't work with an experienced coach? Or that an experienced coach can't work with Snow?

My first comment about JD was actually an inquiry about whether or not anyone else had heard that story. I also don't want "Rangers royalty" anywhere near the Islanders. That idea was exclusive of the other points you were making. You're welcome to praise J.D. I'm welcome to criticize him. I criticized your praise. You're criticizing my scorn. The end.

My second post simply points out how it is pure conjecture in saying that Snow can't somehow work with an experienced coach. We've had poor coaches in the past. This is true. There were a few I wasn't happy at all with. However, our lineup has been mostly atrocious since the 1993 team was dismantled. We had one short run of semi-respectability shortly after Wang became owner. Unfortunately, that also came along with two albatross contracts and a GM who tried to overthink his way into building a winner.

What stops an experienced coach from coming here more? Working with a former player as GM, or working with an on-ice payroll that is really below the salary cap? Any coach who is paying attention knows that he isn't going to get much help with the roster. They must know they have to be in it for the very long haul. If a coach has a choice, why choose us?

When our budget for players is anywhere close to the average, then we could try to figure out what aspect of our ****ed up organization is holding us back the most.

Again, I'm not saying I'd cry over Capuano leaving. I've mentioned what things that are wrong with him. However, pointing to the coach and ignoring the lack of worthy veterans on the team is a bit disingenuous. I also think it's poor policy to have a revolving door of coaches. That policy also doesn't help you get a good coach in here.

It's not the GM that matters. It's not the coach that matters. Right now, more than anything, it's the personnel, payroll and the image of the franchise that matters. That has a hell of a lot more to do with our owner and the amount of money we spend on this team than it does with our coach and GM. There isn't a single GM in this league who is going to do a much better job with the budget we're under. There isn't a single coach in this league who is going to transform the current squad into a winner until the current players mature more and we get more size and talent added to the lineup.

We were a #8 playoff team if every possible thing went right this year. We're 7 points out. We're exactly where we should be. Banging a coach or GM on that is bordering on willful ignorance as to what is required to make a hockey club win.

Tell me there's a person here who looks at our lineup and says that we're a guaranteed playoff team. Does anyone really think our record is a sign of huge under-performance? It's the sign of a young, small, poorly skating, inexperienced hockey team. A team that will have ups and downs based on inexperience and the inability to compete against more physically talented teams.

No coach is going to change that. No GM is going to change that nearly enough. Spending more money and waiting for our young players to mature while knowing that their ability to mature is hampered by their environment will change that. We're in the slow-slow rebuild. It's going to be 2-3 more years before we're really "there".

If we finally reach into our pockets this coming off-season, then that could change. Who is holding their breath? We're complaining about firing the GM and coach. Why? Because it seems more likely than "firing" the owner. We're all just spinning our wheels.

Even while I mention how to tweak our lineup, I still know that I'm working with a short deck.

...this large post is your punishment. I hope you've learned your lesson.


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