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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
no they don't work. and they don't have clearly defined goals. the program is a little bit of everything, hitting muscles that you know the names of multiple times with insufficient stimulus, and exercises done with absolutely no standards. compliance to something as simple as progressive load is next to impossible with the program. you could end up putting in the same effort into the program and never get a significant enough training effect.

out of a hundred people who start p90x, 99+ don't finish it. same with insanity. i really don't think it "helps more people get fit".
Whatever - I went from 20% body fat to 12% with P90X and increased my strength, endurance and power across every measure I can think of.

Since then I've tried all sorts of other programs and plans, including a deadlift/squat/bench program. There is plenty of reason to criticize P90X (like, for example that you can build the same workout on your own for free) but it is, plain and simple, a well-rounded exercise program that will get you in better shape.

Are there better programs out there? Sure. Can you get in better shape with them? Sure. Do some people need a) the structure of P90X and b) new and different exercises every day to keep them engaged? Absolutely.

Not everyone has the patience to spend an hour doing the same progressive loads in a power rack every day.

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