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03-09-2012, 04:26 PM
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I did P90X. It's OK and it does work if you follow it to the letter , and yes that include the nutrition as well since it's one of the most important aspect of the program.

It wasn't that hard for me but i was already in shape before starting it. Not in GSPesque shape but still decent and my cardio was top notch and it helped. And yeah it was more about commitment than difficulty in my case but someone who hasn't done **** in years and is mostly a couch person is going to have a rough time at first but should see improvements every week if he is dedicated. That's the whole point of the program.

As for Insanity i haven't tried it but one of my buddy did and he didn;t like it. He told me he prefered P90X since it's more of a "jack of all trade" program than Insanity.

Now i may try the Rushfit next. Will let you guys know if i do

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