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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
so, this hypothetical synthetic cohort "everyone" doesn't have the patience to do 3 sets of 3 exercises 3 times a week, yet somehow have the determination to work through 90 minutes of random exercises 6 days a week? gmafb. .
Yes. Some people do not have the motivation required for a self-directed program.
every program has a dropout rate. the fact that p90x has sold millions of copies, yet i hardly see anyone on the street who looks like they might be hiding a p90x body under their clothes, pretty much means the dropout rate of p90x is extraordinarily high. i would blame it on the fact that it has TOO MANY redundant exercises that prevents the participants to focus and properly load a since exercise like the squat. but in general the program is ALSO simply too hard to adhere to.
This is one very long string of logical fallacies.

No idea what your bias against P90X stems from but its clear that you aren't going to be swayed in your opinion so I'm done.

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