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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
the article you cite is a complete joke. they separate beginners from intermediates depending on how long they've performed any resistance training, don't mention anything about strength levels. for example, a former bodybuilder who hasn't lifted in "several years" would be a novice. L.O.L.

you seem to illogically believe that p90x does not spend 70% on strength training. maybe it intends to, but does it poorly.

motivation and structure are different things. if people's motivation was the problem, i DOUBT they will find it alone in their apartments watching their tv.

i am going to assume that by structure, you mean the programming. say, p90x has several sets of 3-4 different squat variants in their legs segments, most done with dumbells and/or bodyweight. we've covered this in other threads, but there is very little strength benefit to doing almost a hundred reps at very low weight, rather than doing 3 sets of 5 reps at your 5-rep max. if you'd like a citation, you can check out the Starting Strength book.

it's not uncommon to see many people try p90x and never actually complete or progress to the end. i know close to a hundred people who tried it (including myself), and i know of only one who finished it (not me) and/or saw significant benefits 90 days after they stopped. if you finished it, you would be the second. those are just not good numbers when evaluating a fitness routine.
I'm sure the OP and everyone else who commented in here are not elite athletes. They want to build some amount of strength and endurance to get better prepared for beer league hockey. Nobody in beer leagues needs to be maxing out their squats and building tree trunk legs. Both programs can help most people in here.

When I played Junior I was 6'2" 215 and a good amount of that was in my legs. Now 25 years later I could never carry that weight anymore and am down to 185. Most of the weight loss was in my legs. I'm not pushing guys out of the crease or fighting for the puck in the corners anymore so I don't need to be at an elite level anymore. I just wanted something that gave me new exercises and made me more fit. Mission accomplished.

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