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03-09-2012, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by smon View Post
I think it's fairly clear that keeping Price over Halak was the right decision. Price has put up better numbers and has become a more consistent goaltender.

But management was wrong to think that Price could handle being the #1 early in his career and that definitely hurt the team. Especially in 2007-08.

The jury is still out on the particular trade of Halak for Eller and Schultz though. Eller has shown that he is an NHLer but he has not made any huge strides beyond that.
Not sure how it's CLEAR. Halak has made us reached a round we haven't seen yet with Price. Obviously, there are a lot of tangibles and intangibles in there, not solely Price's fault for this year and all....but the end result is that system or not, Halak has shown to be a really good goalie as well. And my point stays. While we will never know the answer to that question, would we be a better team with Halak AND the return of Price. Then with Price AND the return of Halak. That question doesn't make Halak a God, and doesn't make Price a slouch. Both of them are really good with Price looking to me more of a franchise goalie who can handle more games. Yet, Halak has already shown 1 more thing than Price did. 1 playoff 3rd round doing miracles after miracles. I guess it will happen with Price. But to this point, I have no idea how it's that CLEAR unless we are talking solely about potential. Yet, potential isn't always reality even when it looks like that's going to happen, which is the case for Price.

I think that they didn't make a mistake by keeping Price. Cause if so, it would have mean that one is a bad goalie and the other is great. Which is not the case. But what should always be CLEAR in ANY organization is that "Is this team better now" after making a trade. Habs have made way too many deals they HAD to make with a whole lot of supposed and BS "Addition by substraction" type of trade. Yet, most of those deals if not ALL of them, never ending up to be an addition in any kind. Obviously not the point in letting Halak go but just talking about this whole dealing approach this organization had in the recent past.

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