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03-09-2012, 06:36 PM
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Scott Stevens Announces He's Decided to Return To NHL

Originally Posted by BleedOrange View Post
I was wondering what everyone thinks when sid the kid returns will he be given more space and not touched alot or if someone get him with his head down are they going to make the big hit.Would someone want to be known as the guy that ended Crosby's career cause one big hit he could be done..

Remember Game Seven of the 2000 (IIRC) ECF the Devils completed their comeback from being down three games to one at Philly? Lindros came back from a serious concussion and PCS Effects the prior game and was the Flyers best player in a close loss... Given the chance to lure #88 into a heads down skating situation and orchestrating with his Defense-mate a perfect set up, Scott Sevens skated across the ice and arguably targeted Eric's head... thus removing him from the game and going a long way in allowing the Devils to on to the Finals, and causing Lindros (along with his hold-out) to not play the next season.

So... I'd say that given an important situation and a known head hunter who has not shied away from such hits... and has been able to it in a legal manner -- think Kronwall against Voracek this past Tuesday... or Scott Stevens, Hatcher, Pronger, etc. in prior NHL seasons -- he will take the opportunity and not worry about anything but what is gained... like Stevens and the Devils advancing.

Now, it may be argued that the NHL now is attempting to remove all dangerous head-shots... but I again point to Kronwall's hit Tuesday and in Detroit against Briere who had just recently come off IR from a concussion... or the boarding of Briere a few games earlier where his head was driven against the boards directly, without any call whatsoever.

The only real argument I could see is that this is Crosby and not Briere... or Voracek... or another Flyers player, for that matter (paranoid? Well, I suppose so haha) or even the great NHL player, Lindros a dozen years ago.

I am in no way condoning such a hit... I'm just sayin'.

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