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11-15-2003, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Zednikfan20
How do you judge your Habs? or NHL players?

Montreal is known for jumping on players "bandwagon" when they are playing well, & hoping they get benched or traded when they are in a slump.

I am a Zednik fan, & yes he is not playing that great, but I am STILL a Zednik fan!!!
I stick by the players I like...even when they are in a slump.

It makes me laugh to read that some Habs' fans NEVER liked Zednik...yeah right!

I HATE Juneau, & sure I do not mind if he helps The Habs win, but I will still HATE him no matter how many goals he scores!

I do not jump on & off players bandwagons!

What about you?
It does seem like a high percentage of fans swing back and forth from one extreme to another. If a player has a good game he is the next Guy Lafleur, if he plays bad he's a bum who should be run out of town.

An example of this would be Theodore. Who just 18 months ago was the apple of everybody's eye. Now, the majority want him run out of town.

How I judge a player is look at talent first...then character...then contract..age...recent play...injury history...etc.

I don't like making a lot of trades. I believe in having a plan and sticking to it. If the league changes then make small alterations but don't jump all around like Houle did. First he was trading a veteran like Recchi for Zubrus then the next month he was dealing away his draft picks for a washed up Trevor Linden. I don't believe in managing like that.

I think draft day is the most important day of the year for a team. Because it will determine a team's future. I believe in a strong farm system and financially responsibility. I don't like giving average players big money ie. Brisebois or Rivet, but don't mind paying the proven stars the big money ie. Theo or Koivu.

How many goalies have won the Hart and Vezina? How many point-a-game players have come back from cancer?

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