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11-15-2003, 03:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Scarface
The one big problem i had with CP is that he was too generous with his contracts in the early 90's...which helped us get to this bankruptcy state we are in right now. No clue if he could have avoided it, but he could have been a lil bit more reasonable with what he was giving out.
The moves made in the 90's are what brought in two Stanley Cups. Now, since that IS the ultimate objective the more fitting response just might have been . . . "super job, Craig Patrick." All the eyes of the hockey world were on the Penguins, who by no choice of their own became the first defending champions to have to deal with the new FA era. Maybe you don't remember the Penguins being written-off by the hockey world as an all-score, no-hit group that couldn't play defense for a hoot. When Patrick made trades to bring in Murphy, Roberts and Taglianetti . . . and maybe you don't remember when the Penguins went 0 - 4 - 1 on a road trip and were blitzed for 28 goals. Patrick traded his BEST offensive players Cullen and Zalapski (along with Parker) for Francis, Samuelsson and Jennings. After that trade the Penguins went 25 - 11 - 2. He also brought in Trottier and Mullen. Maybe you don't remember, going into the next season we didn't know if Francis would sign with the Penguins, or not. Patrick WAS a factor and while some of us (including me) criticize some of his moves, non-moves and his non-communication characteristic . . . anyone really associated with the team then knows this guy (1) isn't afraid to make a move, and (2) has proved over the long haul to know what is needed to win. That's why he's in the Hall of Fame.
Since (in your own words, not mine) you claim that you have "no clue" maybe you could explain why is it you get this urge to post a "no clue" opinion.
Did you ever hear of the saying: A shoemaker should not judge above his shoes.

Anyhow, i never said i liked Cp as a GM, i've disliked 60% of the stuff he has done in the past 3 seasons.
It doesn't require a great deal of strength to do things but it does require great strength to decide on what to do. IMO Craig Patrick's biggest mistake was not making trades a few years earlier with Jagr, Francis, Kasparaitis, Lang, Kovalev, and Boughner and hiring his brother (Glenn Patrick) not because I know anything about his brother's coaching ability or lack of coaching ability . . . just that CP set himself up for criticism because of it.
To make decision mistakes at the rate of 60% would make anyone a failure. Wouldn't that 60% also apply to anyone that posts? For example, if a poster is considered (by their peers) to be "all wet" with 60% of their posts.

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