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Originally Posted by Asheru View Post
Anger about one game is causing people to dismiss entire careers.
While I agree that there is over-reaction going on tonight, you have to understand that the frustration isn't just about one game. It's the pattern that's been playing out this entire season, whether it be with TM at the helm, with Stevens at the helm, or with DS at the helm -- and no matter what personnel are on the ice.

The whole season can be summed up in one word, which is going to be the reason this team is going to finish on the outside looking in:


And that inconsistency is light-years more infuriating than just watching a team who is outclassed in talent on the ice night after night after night -- at least then the losses are expected and the wins have that sweet underdog flavor. But this season, we never know which Kings team is going to show up -- which versions of the players are going to show up, or just not bother to show up night in and night out. That's a toxic environment -- so it's completely understandable that people are reacting... but don't dismiss the reactions as "to just one game". It's much more than that -- it's the "anger" stage of grieving about the chances we thought this team had this year.

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