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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Suppose Edmonton drafts Grigorenko. Should the Habs overlook the fine defensive prospects to reach down for a center? If they're going to do that they might as well trade down and get and extra pick.
I think one can argue that a 3rd overall and top defensive pick could either render one of our existing defensive prospects obsolete and allow for a trade to get a top line centre using them or the 3rd overall pick as collateral for the trade.

I don't think you draft down but rather draft the best possible player in that spot. Worse comes to worse, you can flip that pick/prospect to address your need.

I think the biggest issue with doing that is that you never know what your need will be in a year or two after the draft. Price was drafted when we had Theodore firmly entrenched as our number one. At the time it was unanimously considered a huge mistake when in fact, it's been arguably our best pick and saving grace. That's why you have to pick the best possible player and not just for need.

Back to Edmonton picking a defenseman. Could they draft Grigs? Definately. But in the #2 spot they will not get the best player in the draft (Yakopov) but they can get the best defensman which is also their biggest need. They're stacked up front now and their back end is abysmal. The chance to draft a franchise defenseman is too great not to do it, especially when considering the depth of defensemen in this draft. It would be a humiliation for them to draft a centre or other forward only to have him fight for ice time with any of their other forwards. Besides, if need be, I'm sure Montreal would trade up if they had the feeling Edmonton would take Grigs. At this point in our franchise, we're too close to finally drafting the player who we've been long waiting for to let have it slip past us. Not to sound overly dramatic, but we need Grigs badly. He's the largest missing piece to the future of our franchise and he can be had for free. This opportunity doesn't come by very often.

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