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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Is it windy in Philly, because it's been windy here.
The wind issue was in the Toronto area.

More than 200,000 people came through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Thursday and Friday. The early birds crowded into long lines inching their way to check-in terminals and tickets to a spring break paradise.

Outside, there was more organized chaos as jet planes chock full of vacationers formed long queues waiting nose-to-tail to taxi onto the runway and take wing.
And as winds gusted up to 68 kilometres per hour, whipping up rain as well as sand and salt from the barren airfield, Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk and videographer/photographer Randy Risling had their cameras ready Thursday to capture the flight of the massive carriers as they set off for the annual spring migration.
Despite light rain, decreasing visibility, dropping temperatures and fierce winds, air-traffic control kept planes and exodus moving. Aircraft took off one after the other for hours. Dramatic changes of light as clouds covered the sky made shooting tricky but resulted in dramatic images, said Risling. Strong winds toppled his Canon 5D Mark II. Finally, he slung a bag of shale on top of his camera bag for ballast and strapped a bungee cord to the tripod to hold it down.

At one point, the wind was so blustery, Risling said he couldn’t hear the roar of the jet engines, “but you could feel the power and smell the jet fuel.” Risling shot about 17 GB of video in high definition and spent close to five hours pulling it together

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