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02-06-2006, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by lynchmob450
Your "opinions" throughout this thread show me that you're a bandwagon fan (one of many coming out at this tough time for the Flyers). Just go back and re-read what you have written. Then come back and pretend to be a TRUE Flyers' fan.
do you realize how stupid you sound?
does your penis grow an extra inch if you aren't labeled a bandwagoner?

we have now resorted to attacking each other's dedication??

I guess that makes you more the fan.

So the guy has an opinion you disagree with. Big deal. I think his slant on Gagne is insane too, but to say the guy isn't a TRUE Flyer's fan?


Maybe, people are all dissappointed, need to ***** and complain a little.
I know I have. The team is in a hole right now and I have trashed on them a bit.
Not because I am a terrible fan. hell i pee orange and black. But yeah I'll trash talk them, I'll rag on certain players, and think up every ridiculous solution I can.

So, until you define exactly what a TRUE Flyer's fan is supposed to be, please forgive some of us for not living up to your standards.

And even if this guy isn't a Flyers Fan, so what? What does telling him prove?

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