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03-10-2012, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Yeah I just watched bits of tonights game here and there but he basically never had any time in the offensive zone and spends his time waiting for his teammates.

He either needs better linemates or to do things by himself. Like I said, he can't just sit there and watch the play

His linemates don't seem too good though so I dunno, seems like he got "demoted" over the course of the season

But yes he really has to be more engaged and stop gliding around watching the play and waiting for someone to get the puck so they can pass it to him. His linemates aren't good enough to play that way and he has to learn to create a little on his own

e: either way, it seems like it's time for him to leave BC. He either needs better coaching at this point in his career or he's never going to be a NHLer

e2: not even a 3rd or 4th liner. No one wants a bottom six player who stands around and watches the play

I'm in a grumpy mood apparently. I like Kreider a lot I just expect a lot more out of him than I've been seeing these past couple of games. I've seen him play better than this. He played better and looked better in the last WC's for the first few games. He can play better and he needs to play better
It's so frustrating watching the other lines create offense and Kreider's line play like ****. The defense always fumble the puck when he's on the ice. If not, one of his line mates does. I swear to god it only happens when he's on the ice. They'll be in a good position, and someone else on BC will screw up, they'll be pinned for 20 seconds and the puck will go out of play or it will be an offsides. Then York pulls him off. It's like clockwork, you know he's a Ranger at least.

His best hockey has been played at the WJC and the WC, give him good linemates and he'll flourish. But regardless of who screwed up, his play has been unacceptable recently.

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