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03-10-2012, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Whitesnake isn't always right but he is certainly more knowledgeable than most of us.
Thanks to all for your good words. And Teufelsdreck is ABSOLUTELY right. I am not always right, far from it. And things changes quite dramatically. I was a big fan of a goalie who didn't play a lot one day. Named him one of the steal of his draft. So I looked pretty good when Steve Mason was named rookie of the year....Right is going downhill for my "steal of the draft"....And others like that, like the great Anton Gustafsson, the Caps pick who is actually contemplated retirement but now is playing in a Swiss freakin league with 6 points in 26 games etc. etc. etc. Pick I loved 'cause I got blinded by my constant loving of the big great centerman we need.

So no. Clearly not always right. Not sure that I'm hiding from it though. Kept mentioning some of my bad predictions I had. Which I think entitles to me to point out the good ones I made as well. And frankly, there's so much posters bashing in this board, that I actually like to know which posters predicted what and if they were right about something, I'd be congratulating them just like most of the rest of us.

And by the way, not MORE knowledgeable. I'd say a little more passionnate about that trait of the game which makes me see, live, on TV or read about it more than most of the people. Which at one point, created the knowledge I have for those prospects. Yet, thank god we have Montreal and Markov79fan and Habsprospects and a couple of others who enlighten us just as well.

Which makes me really hard to understand people bashing the guys who are trying to give them infos they won't have anywhere else based on the inability of the "journalists" to give us such info. But hey, I guess you can't please everybody.

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