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02-07-2006, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by PepNCheese
What are you talking about? Until WHAT could change?

Please respond to what I said -- the Leafs never got any kind of distance from .500 until (briefly) at the tail end of the 6-game win streak. And you KNOW it. THAT is a fact. Other than that very brief time, the Leafs have never been much better than a .500 team, and that includes right now, WITH McCabe. THAT is a fact..

The Leafs were not and are not a 100-point team, and the quality of their play with and without McCabe backs me up. They are mediocre to downright terrible in most every statistic you can name save the powerplay.
With McCabe in the lineup the team was on pace for a 100 points at 25-15-5 over an 82 game season. That is just a fact. Just because it doesn't conform to your opinion does not change the fact. Yes it was at the tail end of a win streak. That's when McCabe went down. Streak end and losing streak started. Fact.

What could change? They could start losing with McCabe in the lineup.

Look, these figures are completely meaningless in the bigger picture. I just went through this. I don't care what happened in 8 games, stop talking about that.

Do you not understand that this team has sucked the whole year? That we have played 54 games and not 8?

What is it going to take with you?

Exactly, so then you agree that a record of 25-20 is hardly impressive. The five extra points are for LOSING.
Again, it was less than 10% of the schedule, and the Leafs have performed poorly, WITH McCabe, for the majority of the season thus far.
Then don't waste your time with the 8 games and look at the 45 games with McCabe in the lineup. Guess what. Yes that fact. 100 points over the 82 game schedule. What is it about this fact you don't understand?

If you're watching the games and you're honest with yourself you will realize that it doesn't really matter who we play, anyway.

Good team or bad, the Leafs over this season struggle to allow less than 4 goals, they struggle to generate any sort of offence at all unless they're on the powerplay. This is all, for the most part, WITH McCabe in the lineup. It doesn't matter whether it's Washington, Calgary, Buffalo, or whoever.
They struggle to score 5 on 5. But the funny thing there are only 2 d-men in the league who create more non PP offence than McCabe. Redden and Zubov and they are on teams that have scored 20 and 37 more goals 5 on 5 than the leafs. McCabe has been the leafs offence this season in every situation.

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