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Originally Posted by Fuman
how is it stupid? please make your argument.........only reason why Gagne is this good this season is Forsberg gift wrapped all of the goals for him

His past season stats

24 21 45 12 29 6 0 6 2 211 11.4
2002-2003 Flyers 46 9 18 27 20 16 1 1 3 1 115 7.8
2001-2002 Flyers 79 33 33 66 31 32 4 1 7 0 199 16.6
2000-2001 Flyers 69 27 32 59 24 18 6 0 7 1 191 14.1
1999-2000 Flyers 80 20 28 48 11 22 8 1 4 0 159 12.6

about 30 goal a season

really that dominant of a player? no he's just a better Justin Williams

I don't ****ing care he has to step up and hasn't especially this season he's all but disappeared

doesn't want captain c doesn't feel it's right LOL?

last night Rangers game had 2x chance to blow by defenseman coasted against boards and tryied to stickhandle through middle of the ice

im not thrilled at all with him
I would like to agree with anyone that says this is the dumbest idea I ever heard. As for your post above, you are completely insane! Gagne is a goal scorer, plain and simple. He is not a Bure that can create his own, he needs a playmaker on his line. Of course when you have the best playmaker in the league playing with you your stats will go up. He had 33 playing with Recchi and Primeau in a much closer checking league, IMO 33 is the equivalent of 45 this year. He had 12 goals in 10 games with Zhamnov on his line last year. Gagne is what he is. He can be an elite goal scorer with a playmaker on his line. This guy is the future of this team with Carter, Richards, Umberger and Pitakanen. The thought of trading this guy for anything other than equal to greater value (Iginla) is just plain dumb!

He has a shooting % of 14.7. The only one better on the team is Knuble at 17, and Forsberg is tied for 2nd. As a comparison Kovalchuk is 15.9, Jagr is 14.3. Other than 4-5 players (Alfredsson, Svatos, Prucha, Sullivan, Tanguay) he is about the average of all the top goal scorers in the league. Not the best, but certainly far from bad. He cant be missing that many shots! I think his defensive presence makes up for the couple points of shooting % he doesnt have.

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