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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Crap. Eller is a long term no. 2 center. I love DD but he is not a no. 1 or 2 center on a cup team. God the standards on this board...
Chemistry. How many times do I have to say "chemistry"?

DD IS a top 6 center on many teams. Yes, he is small, but so is Giroux. Look at Giroux's first full season numbers, and look at DD's first full season numbers and you will see DD has actually outperformed Giroux. Are you telling me Giroux is not a top 6 center capable of being on a #1 line because he is short and small? So, enough with the crap about DD not being a top 6 center. He is our 2nd leading point producer, our leading assist player, and makes the Pacioretty and Cole tandem work. Pacioretty loves playing with him, understands him, knows where he will be, and is doing great with him. So is Cole.

Before trashing the "standards on this board" at least try and understand something as simple and valuable to real life players as "chemistry".

By the way, why the heck would you offer our 1st AND Subban for Huberdeau? What the heck has Huberdeau done at the NHL level? I wouldn't trade Subban for Huberdeau straight up! Our 1st could fall anywhere from #1 to #7 (maybe worse depending upon how we finish and where the lottery drops us), so let's wait and see where that 1st falls before we add it to Subban for some kid who hasn't managed to crack the Panthers line-up just yet.

I know, I know, Quebec wants its "french" super star. Fine. Wait to see where our pick lands and offer the pick plus something not named Subban and see if we can get Huberdeau so the fans can start chanting his name and his head can swell, and the media can destroy his confidence when he doesn't produce 30+ goals in his rookie season forcing us to trade him to a team like Minnesota for a failed #4 overall pick. Wow, our 1st AND Subban for a guy who has a french name and done nothing at the NHL level...sigh... Talk about a lack of "standards".

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