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03-10-2012, 10:42 AM
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Beer League Kerfuffles

An incident occured during the Black and Orange hockey game last sunday. At 12 minutes 34 seconds into the second period, there was a fight between #8 in Black and #13 in Orange. Prior to the incident #13 in orange made 2 deliberate hip checks (in a no check league), and one deliberate trip. It was at this point in the game when #8 felt it necessary to pay him back the favor, and was fully willing to take his 2 minutes for it. Directly after paying him back, #13 in Orange turned around and went straight for his facemask, ripping it off and began throwing punches. It was obvious that no one on the ice was willing to break it up, so one of the willing players in Black left the bench to end the kerfuffle. He did not throw any punches, or hit anyone in any way, he skated straight for his team mate and pulled him off. Our (Black) captain then left the bench to talk to the Refs (the play had already been blown dead). The end result was #8 and #13 respectively were removed from the game, our captain and the gentlemen who went to break up the scruff (since no referees or players on the ice were willing) were both removed as well.

A week later we get an email from the league, #8(B) and #13(O) were both suspended for the rest of the season, despite the fact that #8(B) was merely defending him self from someone who was literally assaulting him. Our captain was suspended for leaving the bench (to talk to the ref), and the guy who intervened and broke up the fight was suspended for the season.

The presidant of the league never once talked to anyone on either team about what happened. Him and the referee were the only ones who talked about the situation, and the referee was being obviously biased the entire game (often times after the incident would go over to Oranges bench and talk about all the suspensions he was going to hand out).

As a Beer League player, I pay my fees to play hockey. Not have some guy play chippy and check and trip when no body is expecting it and often times skate with our heads down. Furthermore I never expect to see a fight, and when rules like "third man in" and "leaving the bench" are enforced at this level of play, it is kind of comedy.

I want opinions, do you think its fair to suspend someone in a beer league for third man in or leaving the bench, when all he was doing was breaking up an assault? I understand its place in competitive hockey, but in a beer league where we all have to go to work the next day, how can someone be treated like this for breaking up a fight?

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