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03-10-2012, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by garmonbozia View Post
I don't want to trade for a goalie.

I'm not super attached to Connolly, any unpicked draft pick now until whenever, Purcell, Hedman...whatever. I'm not in principle against trading any piece other than Stamkos or St. Louis if I really believe it improves the team. I've yet to see a goalie proposal that improves us without plundering us...even from our own.

Sadly, I expect there to be a less than ideal short term fix this offseason. Another suspect UFA retread who isn't notably better than the laundry list of mediocre goalies on short term deals that have waddled their way through over the years.

Our Defense is still going to need a lot of work this offseason, and the bottom 6 will need more than a shuffle of internal parts after moving Moore, Downie, and Ashton out.

As much as we might NEED a magical goaltender fix, I don't see it coming in trade, and certainly not at the costs imagined across the forums.
I like the realistic approach you took here, with the exception of not being super attached to Connolly and Hedman. The two should be future stars and Hedman is already far and away our best defender when healthy. You are definitely right that there may be no viable offseason goalie fix for us and we'll have to wait another year before something realistic materializes.

The bottom 6 forward situation can be resolved with names like Gaustad, Moen, Moss, Tootoo, Pahlsson, Moore, Stoll, Kelly, Prust, Nichol, Konopka, D.Jones all potentially hitting UFA. We should give at least another year to see what we have in Aulie and Lee and sign one or two UFA defensemen to shore up the group (Suter, Jackman, Zanon, Wideman, B.Stuart, Eaton, Sauer, Grossman).

No one knows what it'll realistically cost to acquire Schneider and Bernier. The fact that they were "rumoured" to be available and weren't traded leads us to believe that their value could be higher than it actually is. However, their values could be as high as we imagine them to be...

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