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11-15-2003, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy Damien Lafleur

IMO I believe that Larry Robinson would make a perfect fit to coach Montreal.


1) Stanley Cups as a player
2) Stanley cup as a coach
3) Is bilingual
4) Knows what it means to be a Canadien, and knows how important Le CH is to Montrealers.
5) Can get the best out of our players now, and to come

Let's cut our losses, bring in Larry Before some other team like Florida will sign him.

Larry, Like BOB should be in MTL. Nowhere else.
I don't want Robinson as our coach at all. He is'nt a strong man nor having special technics ability as a coach.


1) it does'nt make him a good coach.
2) after coaching the team 8 games.. then got fired the year after because no one wants to play for him anymore.
3) So is Julien
4) So does everyone in Canada
5) Nothing makes me beleive they would work harder for him. the players were suppose to work twice harder with Gainey as GM and see what happens now. Also i have'nt heard of Larry helping or develloping any young player.

I don't like the way Julien coach lately because he seems to panic but i really don't think Larry is the solution.

Also the team is pretty weak, we could miss the payoffs even wiith Bownman behind the bench. Next years, we will have more money and roster spot available to built a good team!

let's rebuilt one last year and bring Ovechkin!

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