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11-15-2003, 05:47 AM
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Bonk?? He's just scruffy lookin', not ugly.

Ricci of course is an obvious one but I have to say with a better nose he might be just plain bad looking... and lot's of players have ugly noses. So I can't in good conscience vote for him.

Handzus... he's got the Bud Light Mini-truck Mullet with Soul Glow applicators going on. I bet he spends a minimum of 2 hours on that doo every day! But I can't say he's the ugliest. Freakiest maybe, but not ugliest.

I have to say, Canuck fan or not, Sopel looks like that kidnapping, child molesting ******* from Kindergarten Cop. Cringe!

But all in all, I'm going with Buchburger. That SOB is just u-g-l-y, he ain't got no alibi, he's UGLY! Go Pens. Might be their best accomplishment all year, aside from beating the Wings.

PS - Domi doesn't count because he's not in the Homo Sapiens family of mammals. Science hasn't made the connection yet, but he IS the Missing Link. Evolution is solved!

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