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03-10-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Tim Tebow View Post
Keep in mind this is a franchise that has only made the playoffs twice in the last 18 years and each time they made it they made it as the final seed. In those 18 years they have had 16 first round picks, decent amount of busts with a few big names. But ether way Washington despite having numerous failures seasons has still had numerous years where they posted a top 10 defense or strong running game. The issue has always been with the QB. Bad turnovers, unable to extend drives when they do have a long conversion. Once they get an effective QB the Skins will be a legit threat. Sure they will still have a few other weaknesses but then again so does every NFL team.

I mean the Eagles were in just as bad shape when they drafted McNabb #2 in 1999. Obviously they still had their picks since he was an earned #2 but they were in the playoffs in the #3 seed in McNabb's 2nd season.

I agree with you if Griffin ends up being a bust it will be a terrible trade and it will set them back even farther. But considering how bad they have been ether way it's well worth the risk. Even if he doesn't live up to the full hype if he is at least a respectable QB they will be a legit team.

I think this was a move they had to make. Plus I wouldn't put everything into scouts. I mean again on McNabb didn't scouts tell us how awesome Tim Couch was and how unsure they were of McNabb?
But the Eagles didnt trade up for McNabb. If the Skins didnt trade up for this pick, than I think it would be fine. The problem is that they gave up so much for him. Only time will tell how this trade ends up.

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