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11-15-2003, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Habruti!
You all seem to forget the meaning of this gesture. I do not dissagree for many factor in benching Ryder and Hossa. They are both very young and have fragile confidence. Ryder had slown down a lot since the biguining of the year, he is not hitting as much and drives less towards the net. This game will do him good. Hossa needs to show more competitiveness. These guys are two guys MTL will be developing for years and they need to play with them to make them be the best possible hockey players. In addition we lost the last two games 6-2 against Ottawa. He might want to see which Vet will show up for the game.

Audette, Perreault, Juneau wont be there two years from now! There is nothing to do with them and unfortunatly CJ must get them going if we want any sorts of chances to get rid of them earlier. Trust me...well I should say trust Cj this team IS going in the right direction and the results are quite surprising.

Ohh by the way...Give me a break with the fact that Cj did not try yo play Ryder and Hossa with Koivu...Koivu has only been back 4 games!

IMO at some point CJ will try them with Koivu!!

There's a certain amount of truth to what you're saying here but I guess what's pissing off alot of people is the fact that there are others on the team who deserve to be benched alot more than Hossa and Ryder...But me, I'm just trying to stay positive because otherwise I'd might crack up over this latest move by Julien...I don't think this is going to destroy Ryder's confidence as he's had to face much more adversity many times in the past and each time he bounced back looking like a much better hockey player...Having said that though, there have been a number of factors why Ryder's production numbers are down (athough, compared to the rest of the team they are not too bad for a Rookie) so far this year. These are a combination of 1) bad luck (5 or 6 goal posts); 2) bad line mates for most of the games; 3) being bounced around too much from line to line with the exception of the first 4 or 5 games; and finally, 4) having to play with a couple of injuries may have affected his play somewhat in a few games...When you take these things into account (and I'm sure that BG and CJ realizes this) you can't be too disappointed with Ryder's performance so far...In this light, I don't see the benching of Ryder necessarily as punishment, but rather another move to figure out what to do with this team in terms of trades, line combinations, etc....And at the end of the day, Ryder will be an even more significant part of this team than he currently is...What do you guys think???

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