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02-07-2006, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Pred303
we simply don't match up very well against dallas. honestly we're don't have the people or the system to beat these guys. they're bigger,stronger, more experienced, and smarter than we are. every game we play these guys turns into an ugly penalty filled grind it out game, and we cann't win many ugly,grind-em-out games.
It's not just Dallas. I'm not sure we have the system to match up against almost any of the real good teams in our league unless you consider that system to be Vokoun. Personnel is an issue, in my opinion. But this is, by far, the most talented Predators team ever. Yet, this team is an average goalie away from being a laughingstock when compared to legitimate playoff teams. You remove Vokoun from the equation and we are getting trounced by Dallas and Detroit in the same way we were pasted by the likes of St. Louis three/five years ago.

What Trotz is doing is not working. Credit goes to two aspects: goaltending and PKing. That is it. Our ES and PP work is embarrassing, yet it has not changed. It's as if Trotz feels that it's the personnel not doing their job and that they'll eventually come around. In actuality, I think the system is very much to blame. Timonen has been a very mediocre defenseman this year. Hamhuis has looked bad the past few months. Eaton has looked bad. Zidlicky has looked bad. Even Markov has been underwhelming for the better part of the season. Now, either they are all in severe personal slumps or its the system.

Ditto with the power play. Zidlicky is terrible. Timonen is terrible. Sullivan is terrible. Kariya is terrible. Now, either they are all in severe personal slumps or its the system.

We aren't so damned good that we can make the playoffs by coasting. While we end the season against the dregs of the West, we'll be fighting for the 8th seed come playoff time if these systematic issues aren't addressed.

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