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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
I didn't say accomplished women hockey players don't exist I just have never played with one on a team, I have played pick up with women who could play pretty well. But girls didn't play youth hockey when I was a kid and they certainly didn't play Juniors or at a AA pro level. The one year that I played at a "Novice" type adult league to play with a buddy of mine there were none and I haven't seen any in advanced leagues I played in. I coach high school hockey now and the best player on our JV team last year was a freshman girl. I was hoping that she would stay and play varsity this year but she went to Colorado to play for a U-18 Womens team as a 15 year old. She was the one kid from here that I thought had a chance to play D-1 college hockey. Lots of boys have gone on to D-3 and Tier II and III Junior but she was the only one I thought could play D-1.

In our high school league there are a couple girls playing varsity but probably 5 times as many playing jv. My point to the OP was if he didn't want to take crap from a woman in front of the net he needed to give it back or move up to a level with more experienced players (men or women) because there is less nonsense with people who have played at a higher level. Shots stay down, sticks stay down, people don't just cross check you to death in front of the net. That stuff happens way more with people who have never been on the receiving end before. People in the no contact leagues do that crap because most people won't retaliate. And if they do they are usually wearing a cage. I had someone break a stick with a cross check across the bridge of my nose. That made a point with me that stuck around for a while. The OP didn't want to retaliate because the opponent was female. Being an A-Hole is unisex and should be treated that way. He shouldn't treat a woman any different in a hockey league than he would a man. Everyone understands the game and if a woman has a problem with it then she should play in a womens league. But from women I know who play in mens league they don't want any special treatment. They just want to play the game.

Thank you!

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