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11-15-2003, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by KungFuPenguin
Fair enough. A widening of the nets would yield more goals of every kind, including dazzling passing plays as well as garbage rebounds. Point well taken.

I still feel, however, that such a strategy is "cheating" rather than attacking the real problem. If skilled players were allowed to play their game with no clutching and grabbing, no interference, not getting hooked down from behind or physically held up by their less skilled opponents, a couple of inches more or less of net would be a secondary matter. Skaters today have benefitted greatly from advances in equipment and training; given enough decent scoring chances, they can and will score. While widening the nets would possibly increase the number of scoring chances some, going by your description, it would seem to do so more by exposing weaknesses in goalies rather than promoting skill and offensive flair in skaters. I find this only marginally better than simply upping the percentage of perimeter shots and rebounds going in, which is the other effect of such a size increase.
have you ever watched the islanders/oilers dynasties of the 80s? the goalies clearly had less padding and a skilled player like bossy could destroy one of these goalies, as he did many times.

as it stands now the art of goaltending has become whether or not you can win a three-ot game; how pathetic. was i the only one laughing/losing their mind watching giguere cheat his way to a near cup, while brodeur won b/c, well, he's brodeur? more equipment also slows a goaltender down, just look at my islanders garth snow. so widening the posts doesnt just expose weaknesses in the goalkeepers skill, but as well their hoices in the equipment bag.

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