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11-15-2003, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Pure Slaughter Value
I'm a huge Islanders fan but I'd take both Ottawas and New Jerseys' top 4 over the Islanders six out of seven days a week. The only reason I'd take the Isles on the 7th day is because Scott Stevens is 8,000 years old.

Stevens is the reason why the Devils and Brodeur is as good as they are- he is the BEST defensive defenseman I have ever seen- he exemplifies the devils system- he doesnt allow people to crash Broduer's net or even stand in front of Brodeur like other goalies, he rarely gets hurt and is never out of posistion. Once considered an offesive defeman (look at his numbers when Leetch won the Norris trophy) he reinvented himself. Once he retires its over for the Devils, They will be a .500 team, this guy is incredible- the rest like rafalki, neidermeyer, white, etc are nice defeman but are nothing special- just the presence of stevens allows them to look much better then they are. Stevens is slow? please people are afraid to even get within 5 feet of him. he will knock you into next week, as he has done soo often in the past. As an Islander fan I pray that Stevens retires- that will be the end of that. Id take Stevens at 40 over any defeman drom Isles, Philly, or Ottawa (and i do think Chara is a very good defenesman)- Redden is good as well- but Aucoin, Ninimaa, Hammer are all within reaonable range of each other- but not Stevens- wow is this guy good. Retirement cant come soon enough.