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02-07-2006, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Taranis_24
So who is Money, what position does he play?
Money doesn't really play a position per se. To label him as such would be unfair to both him and the game. I'll describe his play and see if you get a sense of what you would be receiving in this trade. He's as wide as Refridgerator Perry, yet doesn't weigh a hair over 180. He skates like Bambi, has hands like Patrick Cote, and the hockey sense of a gutted catfish. He's so inept that he has his own 'handler.' She's a 35-40ish female who follows him all around the ice, guiding him in the right direction. But he's fairly physical despite his unimpressive weight and has been known to mix it up on the ice. His closest NHL comparable would be a 'poor man's' Denny Lambert.

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