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11-15-2003, 07:58 AM
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I agree up to a point, I don't mind agitators and can easily understand disliking them when they play against you and favoring them when they play for you.

Tucker is an agitator, and he plays extremely dirty at times.
He takes a lot of undisciplined penalties.
I like him, because he does his job very while while offering a solid 3rd line skill set.
Reasonable offensive skills and has put up 40+pts, and 20+ goals, while he's also an above average player defensively.
Indeed, if he could keep his head in the game a bit more, and wasnt quite so volatile he's easily be among my favourite players.

The agitators that I strongly dislike are those like Webb that do nothing -but- agitate. They have no skills at all, can't play defence or offence.
Their on the ice purely to goad the other team into taking undisciplined penalties and knocking around the opposing teams star players.
Occasionally getting in a fight to spark a little fire in an underachieving teams game.

Webb isn't the dirtiest of said players, but he's bad enough.
Quite frankly the Leafs have more then one player of that type on their own team.... such players I have little respect for regardless of whom they play for.

Marchment would be one such player on the Leafs, that is as bad if not considerably worse then Webb.

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