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Originally Posted by iArts View Post
Any goalie we had here in recent years sucked. Don't you think that it's maybe because the team in front of them sucked?

OR MAYBE the coach sucked? You know,the one who never accomplished anything here? The one we fired recently? No? Don't you think?
When pucks go through goalies like the game winner Gus gave up vs. Pittsburgh, Jersey on a consistent basis which Reimer is at fault for this year too there's nobody to blame but themselves.

In todays game rather a shot is tipped or not ,shot from a good scoring chance or not a goalie getting beat with pucks that go through them underneath there arms, in between there legs or anywhere close in tight to there bodies with the equipment they have X2 for both Reimer and Gustavsson who are big bodied goalies have only themselves to blame and those are the types of goals all the Leaf goalies give up way too frequently seems like every game more than just once per game. Systems, defensive play anything else that the deflectors of the goaltending issues would bring up wont help if your goalies are getting beat with shots with pucks that go through them. Acceptable goals where the goalies aren't at fault are the ones where the pucks beat them in the corners of the net example think of the skills competitions those targets that are up those are the places where an NHL goalie gets beat that you could live with and place no blame on them but if they consistently get beat like I said when the pucks go through them you have goaltending issues that systems or better defensive play wont fix.

It's those types of goals that has plagued Reimer this year as the difference that didn't happen last year in that he was rarely beat with pucks going through him and Gustavsson gets beat by those shots more than anybody the Leafs have had at the worst parts of games in tied games playing really good stellar even in the 3rd period and wham! through Gustavsson game done that's why Wilson didn't trust him he's had his heart broken too many times by Gustavsson with those types of goals.

People could go on and on about systems the defense etc. if the goalies don't stop giving up the goals that go through them at the rate they do Carlyle would suffer the same fate Wilson did even if Burke signs both Parise and Suter + trades for Getzlaf the Leafs will still not make the playoffs with there goalies giving up the amount of goals they do with pucks going through them.

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