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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Because that's not how it happened at all.

JM ran SKost out of town. AKost ran himself out of town.... two years later

Think of it like you're the Habs brass for a moment. There's this player you took a risk on over a bunch of other amazing prospects, who constantly, year in year out gets on bad terms with his coaches and doesn't show any significant effort to learn English (or French) or in drills.

He doesn't show much in practice or on the ice with whatever time you do give him and whenever he does have a great game and you reward him you notice that a short while later he almost literally disappears all over the ice. You can't coddle him to full confidence though because the team needs to win every game and that effective ice-team can go to better, or more able players.

They weren't going to re-sign him and he was a UFA, so they got something out of it.

I'd make the trade yesterday, today and tomorrow. He's going to disappear again and all you guys are going to disappear with him. Just like when Halak is on fire all the fanboys creep out of the woodwork.
Funny how quickly people forget the raging that went on when Akost would vanish for weeks and no one cared he was on the third line. But now he gets a wake up call on a offensivly dead team and puts some points together and he was our superstar and we were dumb to move him. Or how about how important Markov was to this team, then he gets injured and Gauthier signs him and people rail against Gauthier and call him an idiot and how it was a bad move. Then Markov comes back, plays good and he is a godsend and the next coming of christ!

You could almost swear the people who post on these forums had the brains of goldfish but I think even a goldfish would be like "WTF?"

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