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03-11-2012, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Philkessel View Post
The turning point in this season was the reimer shutouts if you arent a reimer lover you saw that they were both very unimpressive shutouts there was something like 6+ posts hit and the way reimer crotches in the net and plays on the goal line has nothing to do with him cutting down angles let wilson who did this non stop run with his favorite which got gus cold which we all know how he plays when he sits for 2 weeks
Those back to back shutouts were not overly impressive, especially the overblown 50-some "save" performance against the Sens. Until the statistitians devide a way to measure quality of shots, though, people would actually have to watch the games, and not memorize stat sheets.

Originally Posted by achtungbaby View Post

Kessel needs to switch it up and drive to the net a little more often. I know that's never going to be his bread and butter but I think everyone knows where he'll go on the ice now. His go to move seems to be to skate hard into the zone and then turn back toward the blueline before there's any contact. It bought him time with the puck before but more teams seem to be taking that away from him.

And with Carlyle, he better be back checking a lot harder. The least he could do is get back quicker and get his stick in the passing lanes to give the defenders half a chance. He's got all kinds of skill, but half assing it on defense is going to drive any coach crazy.
There's about 10 forwards on the team I'd rather drive the net ahead of Kessel. Phil is pulling his weight offensively, which is more than what could be said about 3/4 of the team.

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