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03-11-2012, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Davebo View Post
As much as the majority of us hate irrational fans like yourself?

The Montreal Canadiens don't tank - never have and never will. All cups have been earned here - none of that pittsburgh-style bull-****

Calling yourself a fan again? Make up your ****ing mind!

Accepts honour, but a laffs fan like you might see a temporary reversal of our fortunes as mediocrity. So, yes. Now - go away, fair weather fan...
Fairweather fan? Lol, yeah right. If I was a fair weather fan I would've been long gone. I always wouldn't be supporting a tank right now.

I've seen this team consistently trade away my favorite players for nothing, to go on to other teams and show the potential I saw in them; only for us to sink down into the bottom of the league because of such mismanagement.

Disdain for the tank all you want but do not refer to me as a fairweather fan. In my eyes, anyone who is ecstatic over wins this late in the season that mean nothing but HURT for your favorite team, is an instant gratification fan who has no idea what it's like to suffer through years of perpetual mediocrity with no glimmer of hope in sight. And what glimmers we have, are Sergei'd, Grabo'd, Ribeiro'd, Latendressed, McDonaghed into the oblivion.

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