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03-11-2012, 10:19 AM
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I don't ever want Roy near the Habs again.

1--He has no integrity as a coach. This is the man who sends his own son to attack and beat the heck out of an opposing goalie who had no interest in fighting.

2--He is the worst traitor in the history of the Habs. Yes, Tremblay was wrong for leaving him in to prove a point. That does not excuse Roy for letting his ego get the better of him and making it impossible for the Habs to do anything with him of value. He was paid millions to stop the damned puck. He was having a bad game. So what? Stay in nets, be professional, and earn your damned money. Tremblay was an idiot, Roy was an egotistical traitor. If Roy had been English we wouldn't be talking about him ever returning to the city for a visit, never mind as head coach.

3--His EGO is bigger than anything we can handle. He will allow his ego to interfere with decisions that may damage the team.

I do not care who we draft, I would rather lose for the next 5 years without Roy, than win with him. He makes me sick as an individual, in regards to his behaviour in the world of sports.

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