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11-15-2003, 09:37 AM
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I don't know the rules but I stand by "Semenko's" words. I've been crying about it all year on other threads. He's dead on with his assessment. Ziggy will get clobbered every night, and we won't do ***** about it. And all you people that use that lame excuse that we have no one that can play a regular shift is just plain lame. I don't buy it for one second. If they can skate in this league, which they have why are they not entitled to a regular shift. It's an excuse on all of our parts and our coaching staff. Flinn and Brennan came into camp in top shape, and they won't get a game. Try looking at all other twenty nine teams in this league, and then you can justify it.

Also note, I asked AM myself on, but my question got chopped in half. Your answer is right there, and i've said it all along. My whole question read like this. (the second half)
How do you base your decision come game night regarding the fourth line? It is in my opinion that teams take libirties on our star players, and we don't have the likes of Brennan or Flinn to police the situations.

Something to that sort........But none the less I got the answer I was expecting. Bottom line is for whatever reason he just won't play them. I'm about to go to the St. Louis game and I expect the same. It should look something like Chris Pronger taking major league runs at Ziggy and nobody doing d*ck about it. Pretty much the same way all of our other star players going down. I guess we're waiting for some more key players to go down. It's sickening.

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