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If Tampa Bay is likely the best Bidder for Schneider service next summer..what do you think of this strategy:

Make absolutely no offer to Vancouver and hope Schneider make it to July and make him an offer sheet.

If another team acquire Schneider before July, Then Tampa Bay can make an offer to this team for Schneider. Since we assume Tampa Bay is the best bidder for Schneider, their offer will be greater than what this team paid to Vancouver. The team who previously acquired Schneider could be glad to flip Schneider and make a profit in the process.

This way to process avoid a bidding war to inflate artificially the price to acquire an offersheet eligible Schneider.

And if nothing work as planned and Tampa Bay miss their opportunity to acquire (Overpay for?) Schneider, then we come back to plan A and sign a UFA. Schneider could still be avaible as UFA in the following years.

Note for the people who think its not realist: This strategy happened before when Boston acquired Jeff Hackett via SJ. André Savard (Montreal GM at the time) said publicly after the trade they didnt had any good offer from Boston before they traded Hackett to SJ.

Here is some quote from Savard after the hackett trade...

Bruins never proposed us such an exchange
I admit that the Bruins are better today with Jeff Hackett, said Savard. But we had the choice to make this transaction with the Sharks or to keep Hackett in Montreal. But the probability of losing him without obtaining anything in return was very strong.

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