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Originally Posted by Dfence033 View Post
For what it's worth, every goalies stats pro-rated to seasons end coinciding with their stats over the last 7.5%* of their seasons (taking into account what percentage of starts they have made of their teams games played) (*selected since that's Lundqvist's current slump, as stated before in the thread: "If he continues at his slump he'd still win") is as follows:

61 games, 34-19-8, 55.7 win %, 2.17 GAA, .927 SV%, 8 shutouts

74 games, 48-14-10, 64.9 win %, 2.29 GAA, .925 SV%, 4 shutouts

69 games, 33-25-11, 47.8 win %, 2.17 GAA, .920 SV%, 7 shutouts

46 games, 30-11-5, 65.2 win %, 1.84 GAA, .930 SV%, 6 shutouts

If you go straight-stats, Halak wins (best win%, lowest GAA, highest SV%). If you throw him out because of games played (46), then straight-stats says it's Lundqvists (Tied for 1st GAA, Best SV%, 2nd most wins, 2nd highest win%, most shutouts). And then you look at that wins differential.

What's more impressive? Being 0.12 GAA and 0.02 SV% better than your competition? Or having 14 more wins (41% better) than your closest competition? It's not as far and away as you'd be assuming here, snowblind.

Edit: In response to the bolded, no, he wouldn't. Rinne is on pace for 14 more WINS with Lundqvist having 13 fewer STARTS. Lundqvist would somehow have to go 14-0-0 in the 13 starts to make up the gap between the two.
The bolded is a stupid claim, but those numbers take into account him continuing his current slump? So you're expecting him to give up 3 goals a game every game until the end of the season. Before this 4 game slump he had like 12 straight of allowing 2 or fewer goals. Why don't you use those stats for the end of the season. That's a lot bigger sample size.

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