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11-15-2003, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Pure Slaughter Value
mystic, regarding your comments:

Never, ever put down Stevens in any way as a defenseman. Simply put, when looking at the top 4 of Ottawa, NJ and the Isles I would take NJ and Ottawa every time with the exception of thinking long-term. When thinking long-term I remove NJ because Stevens will retire within 1-2 years.

As Trotts said earlier in the thread, out of all the 12 defenseman mentioned Stevens would be the best to go to war with over a 7 game series. I agree with that.

Just looking at long-term (next 3-4 years) on the seventh day when I choose Isles over Jersey.

And I do disagree that the Devils are "over" when Stevens retires. The speed/playmaking/underrated defensiveness of Rafalski and Niedermayer is nothing to sneeze at, Colin White is probably the biggest individual beneficiary of being tutored by Stevens, and they always develop prospects that can excel in their system.

----I understand that everyone ackowlodges what Stevens is as a defesman. My point is that once he retires both neidermeyer and Rafaslki's shortcomings will be exposed and Brodeur- who is currently the benefeciary of almost unbeliveble Crease-clearing Stevens will be facing a ton of shots more- something Stevens DOESNT allow to happen- almsot single handedly. He is not part of that defense HE IS THAT DEFENSE. I just cant stress enough how much he measn to that team is every facet of hokey. Theyw ill be a .500 team without him.
As for Ottawa- they have a great defence i would agree- mostly because they have agreat mesh of offensive defeman, defenive defeman and Chara- who is both. Isles are a bit- one -sided in that way- most of them are simmilar puck moving defemen who aren oiverlu physical (ninmaa does hit but i wouldnt call him especially physical) therefore i think they will eventually move hammer- althogh not yet. rgardless on paper Isles defense is deeper (4 deep) then ottawa (Redden, Chara are standounts Rachunek , hnidy etc arent special at all and are all benefeciarises of that system as much as anything else) . Phylly has desjardins and that kid(pitkanen) who will be great. weinrich, raganrasun etc are steady but unsppactacular. Howver it still comes down to goalies id Dipetro can take the reigns Isles defense will look as good as it is on paper if not we will be calling for Their heads by January.