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03-11-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
See TG, this is what myself and others have to put up with.

Really. How have I been enthusiastic. Just a single example?

The closest thing I ever said was that if missing the playoffs was what it would take to get Dumbo fired than it would be better for the franchise long term to miss.

But whatever makes you happy. If you want to think I've been posting and talking about the Kings at HF for 10+ years all while secretly hoping they lose than you go right ahead and think that.
You know Herby, I agree with your response to to RH here.

I think that there is some sort of confusion that should be cleared by everyone including myself. Just because a fan has reached their ultimate level of frustration with an aspect of the team (mgmt etc) doesn't make them any less of a fan or any more of one either.

To me that is just wrong thinking as well as being impossible to tell.

I know Herby to be a super passionate fan and typically praiseful like the rest of us when we are doing things in line with what he sees as being correct and equally so when he sees things he doesn't approve with as well.

The key to me is passion. It's why I think we are all equally great fans of our team. I may not understand what compels people who know in their hearts that haven't a chance to come back and restate their displeasure entirely but I always read what they have to say.

No matter where you are coming from it sucks to watch a team with this much talent struggle so often but there you go. Its what you do with it that makes us all different and such a great fan base.

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