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Originally Posted by viktors89 View Post
Would be bad management by the person that offered 200.000$ in the first place, since it could have been acquired for less, in this case Tampa.
Not necessary

The reason why the first buyer got it at 150 000$ in the first place is because there was no other Bidder to compete with. If Tampa offer 160 000$ the other could offer 190 000$ then Tampa offer 200 000$.
Vancouver could manipulate it in a bidding war. But if a Team like Tampa Bay is out of the bidding. Vancouver could be left with the choice to take the best bid avaible to them or take the risk to lose Schneider to an offersheet.

In the end, what matter is the gap between the Best offer Tampa is willing to give and the second best offer another team is willing to give.

Boston didnt look like bad management because they pay more for Hackett than what SJ paid for him.

The pro of my strategy:

- Improve the (slim?) chances Schneider head to RFA status (vs. no chance if Tampa trade for him.)
- Avoid a bidding war.
- Another team could be a better trading partner. Vancouver want help now for the cup. Another team could be more willing to get pick.
- If it fail, Schneider could still be avaible as UFA in the followings years
- Tampa Bay dont reinforce a team who could be a potential Stanley Cup opponent.

The con:

- Tampa lose the opportunity to be the first team able to negotiate a long term contract with Schneider.
- Less guarantee to get Schneider and it could totally fail. But one week away from UFA shopping, its not the end of the world.

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