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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
It's a joke that you think a few first round draft picks would have made a bigger difference than acquiring Richards and Carter. Players don't develop over night. So, even if we did make the best hindsight picks, I doubt they would have made a significant difference.

Heck, why don't you just tell us who your MMQ picks would have been in lieu of Hickey, Lewis and Teubert?
I'm not even talking about individual hindsight picks.

I am talking about the fact that of all the first round picks he has had as Kings GM he has drafted exactly one skilled forward out of the 7 picks. Not a single winger. He has never drafted a winger in the first round in his entire career as a GM. Think about that for a second. You wonder why we have problems scoring goals?

He is not even giving himself a chance because of his fascination with defenseman and "character" forwards.

The only picks I will outright say were disasters were Teubert and Lewis. I have been following Lewis longer than probably anyone here with the exception of SFHomer who watched him in the USHL. There were question marks about his offensive potential at the NCAA level, yet the Kings make him a first round pick, you just can't draft guys like Lewis in the first round. As for Teubert, you also don't draft players who project as third pairing defenseman in the first round.

Hickey, atleast, appeared to have some high end potential to maybe be a Top 4 d-man so that pick wasn't nearly as bad as Lewis and Teubert.

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